Dog Paw Boutique

I would like to personally welcome you to Nancy's Dog Paws Boutique here you will find a wonderful variety of fleece dog coats for sighthounds. Nancy You will also find European style coats, rain coats, PJ's and hoodies made of thermal and fleece fabrics to keep your dog warm and in style. I also offer custom hand made clothing upon request. If you see something you like and it is not available in your pet's size or breed, please feel free to email me with your request. I look forward to working with you and meeting your pet's needs.

These original custom made fleece dog coats are hand made by myself with the finest fabrics. Brush Fleece, Berber Fleece. Rain Dog Coats made with Ultra-Supplex Waterproof shell and Wind-Proof Fleece. Beautifully made dog clothes also dog apparel. European Style Dog Coats made with imported fabrics and are one of its kind. Fleece Thermal Pajamas. Fleece Scarfs or Scarves. Snuggle Beds, Fleece Dog Beds. Fleece Hoodies, Dogie Hoods Hoodies, Snoodies. A colorful variety of dog clothing. Vintage Style Dog Coats. Slobber Slickers to keep the drool and slobber of other dogs off your wonderfully clean dog.

Reasons To Shop With Us
Nancy's Dog Paws Boutique. Quality products for Sight hounds and other breeds. Original custom hand made dog apparel. Beautifully made dog clothes. Fleece Dog Coats solid colors and prints, Berber Fleece, Brush Fleece, Ultra-Supplex Waterproof Rain Dog Coats, European Style and Faux Fur Dog Coats, Thermal and Fleece Dog Pajamas, Fleece Scarfs or Scarves, Snuggle Beds, Fleece Dog Beds, Fleece and Thermal Hoodies, Dogie Hoods Hoodies, Snoodies. Vintage Style Dog Coats. We specialize in custom made fleece dog clothes and dog clothing for Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, and Greyhounds, A colorful variety of dog clothing. Everything you need to keep that special dog warm and in style. All of my dog coats are designed with the intent to make it easy for the male dogs to relieve themselves without soiling their outfits.